scott miller

by Scott Miller

The Playlist:
"Theme From 'Twin Peaks'" - Angelo Badalamenti
"Birdhouse In Your Soul" - They Might Be Giants
"Cathy's New Clown" - John Wesley Harding
"Work" - John Cale & Lou Reed
"Don't Ask Me" - Public Image Ltd.
"Americana" - Thin White Rope
"The Man I Used To Be" - Jellyfish
"King Strut" - Peter Blegvad
"The Only One I Know" - The Charlatans
"Everyone Moves Away" - The Posies
"911 Is a Joke" - Public Enemy
"Dig For Fire" - Pixies
"Tunic (Song for Karen)" - Sonic Youth
"Bouncy Bouncy" - The Billy Nayer Show
"Debris Slide" - Pavement
"Home" - Iggy Pop
"Voice In My Head" - The Sneetches
"Heavenly Pop Hit" - The Chills
"Almighty" - Christmas
"There She Goes" - The La's