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Game Theory

[photo of the band]
photo by Robert Toren

Scott Miller had a prolific musical career before the Loud Family came along. He released several albums in the 1980s with his band Game Theory.

Despite the fact that Game Theory's last album, 2 Steps From the Middle Ages, was released over a decade ago, there is still a lot of interest in Scott's old band, as the sky-high prices paid on eBay for used copies of the band's out-of-print CDs prove.

The Lyrics:

Tinker to Evers to Chance (Scott's liner notes)
2 Steps From the Middle Ages
Lolita Nation
The Big Shot Chronicles
Real Nighttime
Pointed Accounts of People You Know
Blaze of Glory

Game Theory-era interviews and reviews:

Bucketfull of Brains, Fall 1990
Non*Stop Banter, December 1988
San Francisco Chronicle, May 1988
Musician, February 1988
The Bob, May/June 1987
Jet Lag, September 1986 (BSC review)
BravEar, Spring 1986

Game Theory discography

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