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From Ritual to Romance - Available Now!

MP3s + Music

Welcome to the new loudfamily.com music page! Here, you'll find more album tracks, rarities that stay up longer, and eventually, it is hoped, bigger excerpts from concerts and radio broadcasts. Look for the NEW! tag to find the latest! To receive an e-mail notification when new MP3s are added, write to majordomo@smoe.org with subscribe loud-news in the body.

You can buy all of the Loud Family albums at 125 Records. If you're wondering which one to buy first, it is the webmaster's opinion that Plants and Birds is the band's most straight-ahead rock album; Days For Days is the poppiest; and Interbabe Concern is the one that usually gets slapped with the "challenging" label but is, dare we say it, the true masterpiece.

Audio samples from the Loud Family's studio albums are © Alias Records and are used by permission.

Comments/questions/problems? E-mail trow @ interbridge.com

[album cover] From Ritual to Romance (2002)
Don't Respond, She Can Tell
[album cover] Attractive Nuisance (2000)
Backwards Century
Motion of Ariel
[album cover] Days for Days (1998)
Way Too Helpful
Why We Don't Live In Mauritania excerpt
[album cover] Interbabe Concern (1996)
The Softest Tip of Her Baby Tongue
Where They Walk Over Sainte Therese excerpt
[album cover] The Tape of Only Linda (1994)
Soul Drain
Marcia and Etrusca excerpt
[album cover] Plants and Birds and Rocks and Things (1993)
Take Me Down (Too Halloo) excerpt


Aimee Mann and Scott Miller: "Inverness"
Recorded June 28, 1996, at Bimbo's 365 Club in San Francisco

Scott Miller: "Vado Via" (Drupi cover)
Recorded Fall 2001 at Scott's house

Game Theory: "Chardonnay"
The eight-minute version, from the original mix of Lolita Nation

Game Theory: "The Letter" (Box Tops cover)
From the 1984 French-only LP Dead Center

The Loud Family: "Re-make/Re-model" (Roxy Music cover)
Recorded Feb. 1, 1993, at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco

NEW! Never Mind the Camera Crew, Here's the Loud Family:

This was a 1993 promotional cassette issued by Alias prior to the release of the Loud Family's first album, Plants and Birds... Below are all the tracks, the complete contents of the cassette. If you want to make your own cassette (or CD) copy, here is a high-resolution TIFF file of the cover, suitable for printing (here's a low-resolution JPG if you just want to see what it looks like).

"Spot the Wet Setup"
rehearsal room tape

"Back of a Car"
studio outtake

"You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory" (Johnny Thunders cover)

"Jimmy Still Comes Around"
original demo

"Beauty and the Beast" (David Bowie cover)

"Take Me Down (Spo-Dee-O-Dee)"

Game Theory fan club recordings:

"A Child's Christmas Saving the Whales" + "Water"
From the 1989 True Gamesters fan club recording

"Rose of Sharon"
From the 1990 True Gamesters Christmas fan club tape

"You Could Make It All Worthwhile"
From the "Adolescent Embarrassment Fest" fan club tape; this song was written & recorded by Scott in 1977!

You can listen to an entire Loud Family concert online at Nineup.com, and listen to the Loud Family's April 17, 2000 performance on WFMU at the station's web site (seek to the 60-minute mark of the three-hour broadcast to hear the LF).

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