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LF on MySpace: Why can't we be friends? Check 'em out (and listen to a new song) at myspace.com/theloudfamily.

The new album: What If It Works, the brand new album by the Loud Family with Anton Barbeau, is scheduled to be released in Spring 2006. Check out the 125 Records site for updates.

Alison Faith Levy's latest project: Alison writes: "Joe Becker and I are now playing in a band called the Sippy Cups. We play psychedelic rock for kids and their parents, with a juggler and a puppeteer adding to the rock n' roll circus vibe. We play songs by the Beatles, Pink Floyd, T. Rex, Velvet Underground, Stones, Kinks, Bowie etc. We've been getting a lot of press lately, including a cover story in the Pink Section, and we just played live on the KFOG morning show, debuting our first original song, one I wrote called 'Magic Toast.' Anyway, for any LF fans who have kids, or even not, it's a rockin' good time at our shows. They can check out our very colorful website -- www.thesippycups.com."

Scott Miller interview: From Lolita to Loud: Scott Miller talks with us about over 25 years of his musical life. By Jim Santora Jr. Published in Groove Machine Magazine.

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