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Interviews and Reviews

Reviews of:

Attractive Nuisance

Days for Days

Interbabe Concern

The Tape of Only Linda

Plants and Birds and Rocks and Things



Sacramento Bee, May 2003

Snap Pop!, March 2000

Pop Culture Press, September 1998

Milk, June/July 1998

Slug, May 1998

Hearsay, 1997

San Francisco Chronicle, January 1997

Magnet, Oct/Nov 1996

Los Angeles Times, June 1996

Pacific Sun, March 1996

Bucketful of Brains, May 1995

You Could Do Worse, Summer 1994

Scott Miller email interview with a Spanish writer, May 1994

Orange County Register, January 1994

Option, Sept/Oct 1993

Rolling Stone, July 1993

Ptolemaic Terrascope, Spring 1993

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